Focus on Your Team…Then Your Customers

The governor has started rolling out a process for businesses to re-open in the state of Texas. Many people are excited, many are upset, and many also remain confused as to what is the best path for re-opening. Our team will release these items in two parts:

  1. Taking Care of Your Team
  2. Taking Care of Your Customers

There is no denying that every business relies on customers. We all have to have them in order to still call ourselves a business, but as we work to re-open our doors we have to establish that our offices are places safe to return to.

That process starts with making a place our team feels safe returning to. We fail to effectively lead our teams if we rely on their dependence on a paycheck to return. We have to make sure that we demonstrate to our teams first and foremost that we have a plan in place to ensure their safety.

How do we do that?

  • Show up and Be Present
    • Our staffs need to see us present and leading. Just because we can lead remotely doesn’t mean we should be.
  • Acknowledge that it is ok to be unsure.
    • Be honest with them that no environment can be 100% safe but you are doing everything you can.
  • Outline on-site and off-site job expectations
    • How frequently does an employee need to be in the office?
    • Is remote work still an option?
    • Performance expectations might have to be adjusted as people are still dealing with unique challenges outside of the office. Be aware and empathetic.
  • Tell them your plan and expectations
    • What will you expect them to do to keep the environment disinfected?
    • What safety material will the office provide?
    • What is the process for reporting illness?
  • Listen! Listen! Listen!
    • Your team is going to provide you great insight into what needs to be addressed. They will be a glimpse into the minds of your customers.
    • They will also provide great solutions to the challenges you may end up facing. They will want to be heard first and included in discussions second.
  • After Listening, Take Action
    • Don’t gather feedback and concerns and do nothing. Take action.
  • Practice Gratitude
    • Your doors are opening again, take a moment, and be thankful!