Payroll is one of the most critical tasks in your business.  It is one of the tasks where a mistake made affects how your views you.  An inaccuracy or lapse in payroll can be devastating for your business.

Deitz Consulting payroll services make sure your monetary needs are met on time, each time. In addition, we streamline the entire payroll process and have accurate data ready for your review. With no two businesses operating the same, we also have the flexibility to meet your needs. This is true whether you just began a startup or have been around for decades. Our experience allows us to offer a variety of options to meet your needs, rather than a “one size fits all” solution.

Why Choose Payroll Through Deitz Consulting

Allowing Deitz Consulting to oversee payroll services can lead to increased productivity and reduce administration costs.  When you call us, you get us and may speak directly to your payroll manager.

A few of our payroll service benefits include:

  • Management of payroll and employee data including wages, income tax, Social Security, Medicare, withholdings, and more.
  • The ability to make changes instantly such as handing out raises or eliminating pay for those who have terminated employment.
  • Reports on payroll available upon request.
  • Option to utilize payroll tools such as direct deposit, paper checks, or a combination of the two.
  • Personalized services give you the option to speak to one of our payroll professionals immediately. A superior choice to filling out forms or being put on hold for a representative.
  • Full payroll services available please call for a detailed description and to discuss how we can meet your needs.