Deitz Consulting Core Value #5 – Familial

It started with a family. We were having a baby and the workload had to shift from an office to home. Phyllis was going to continue to work from home.  At the time, there was primarily one “client” as she was an independent contractor now.

She worked from home and took care of our first child.  We were a family of three now and were adjusting to the new stage of life.  The one where we cannot just get up and go do whatever we want.  We had a new mouth to feed, and we were responsible for our baby girl.

Slowly over time, Phyllis was referred to other small businesses and the client list started to grow, but she also was focused on being a mom.  She started her balancing act or as we would later describe it, the spinning plates act.

It wasn’t always easy and that is because slowly over time, we did not have one family growing, but two.   We had our family of living, breathing people, and the family of businesses we supported and helped.  There was no other way to describe this group of local small businesses that Deitz Consulting was helping with the books on.  They were family members.

When they struggled, we hurt with them.  We wanting to fix their issues.  Several nights, we wished we magically won the lottery to pass out money to help.  We were naive at that point and didn’t understand how valuable good processes were to success.  We all have growing pains.

We celebrated with them. When they signed a new job or were able to see a path of success, we were ecstatic for them.  We shared in that joy.  When they were able to help one more person by providing a job or landed a large project that would guarantee that their company would be around for at least another month, we shared in that.

As both our immediate family and business family grew, we did not grow apart.  Phyllis and her team have always made sure that people feel valued and know their value.  She strives to do this in the home, in the office, and with the clients of Deitz Consulting.

Things are not always perfect we have our hard conversations and times where we all need to grow, but that is the core of family business.