Deitz Consulting Core Value #4 – Experienced

We are moving right along the core value train.  We have covered:

We arrive at the fourth of our five core values today.  That value is that the team is experienced.  One of the stories of our business coming into existence is that it was something that we were already doing.

Deitz Consulting did not grow out of the idea or a place where we said…people are looking for this, let’s fake it until we make it.  It was not built out of seeing a lack of bookkeepers and business consulting groups in limited supply – they honestly are not in short supply.  The quality of service you get….mileage may vary.

No, Deitz Consulting grew out of the reality that Phyllis had over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping before the business paperwork ink dried.  From there she also was a trusted advisor to many businesses.  Greg had lead teams with process management, leadership, and team development for almost 18 years before we decided to become a business.

We started the business because small businesses needed experienced people to help them gain better financial success.  Once the business was started and was being referred to others, that experience became a trademark of who we are.

Phyllis has been able to translate and transfer some of her knowledge and skills to a quality team.  She has been able to train them to be detail-attentive and care about our customers.  She leads the company with grace and her experience is what sets us apart.  Her knowledge from that experience allows us to make sure that we do not waste a customer’s time or money looking for answers or learning how to complete a task.  It is the experience she brings to the table that allows us to be a smart decision for any small business in our area.