Deitz Consulting Core Value #3 – Detail-Attentive

We sat in a semi-private booth at Blue Baker.  We had a list of several words in front of us.  Many of them, you see in business mission statements all the time.  Some were unique, but we were hunting for the terms that mattered to us and those that mattered to our clients.  Where did those two needs merge?

In essence, what are the words that make us the best choice for your business?  What are the things that are a part of our culture that will make life easier for a client that chooses to work with us?

The question we had to answer was this…when Deitz Consulting takes over the bookkeeping for a company what is one thing that is done consistently that sets us apart?  For Phyllis that term was detail-attentive.

One of the biggest things that we discussed was that many times the biggest challenges that have to be cleared up in bookkeeping deal with not paying attention to the details.  Many times, a business owner will know that something is off or not quite right, but something can keep them from being able to fix it.  This can be anything from a lack of experiential knowledge to a lack of time to track down the problem.  What might take them hours to find, due to our experience, we can find in a few minutes.

Paying attention to details is a fundamental quality for our team.  They do not rely on simply putting a band-aid on a situation, they want to find the root cause and make sure that you have all the relevant information to make informed decisions about your business.

We enjoy watching The Profit in our house.  We get excited every time Marcus reminds a potential business that they must know their numbers.  We laugh every time he asks them if they have ever watched the show before…they should know that he is going to ask to see their financial statements.

In one of the most recent episodes, a behind the scenes look at a cupcake company, the business owner made the following observation:

Money is made or lost in the details.  I did not know how much money I was losing because I did not know the details.

Deitz Consulting wants to make sure you know the details.  We pay attention to them and ask questions of you to make sure you have all of them.  The team works to make sure everything is accurate and all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted.  They make sure that balance sheets are accurate and the information is understood by those that need to access the information.

That is the final key to being detail-attentive.  Our team does not just make sure that the data is free from errors, they make sure that the data is understood by the client and their stakeholders.