Deitz Consulting Core Value #2 – Caring

Caring is a word that can be used in a lot of different ways.  At Deitz Consulting, when we sat down to define our core values, it was one of those words that we honestly felt was a little cliched.  We looked for a better word to use.  One that might be bigger or more precise in what it means when we say we care about our clients and their businesses.

So what does it mean when we say that we care?

First, it means that when your businesses is doing well we are excited for you.  It means that we celebrate the challenges you have overcome to put yourself and your team members on a path to continued success.  We care about keeping you on that path as well.  We care about making sure you have access to your numbers when you need it.

As fans of The Profit, we take to heart the truth that your key to success is in knowing your numbers.  We care about that success.

We also show that we care by taking it to heart when your businesses is not on the trajectory you want it on.  During the current pandemic, we worked to make sure our clients had all that they needed in order to get the loans and assistance necessary to weather the storm.  We took it to heart that the data we could provide would help keep a business afloat through unknown times.  Phyllis worked late nights getting forms filed because they could not wait until the next day.

We also care about you feeling valued as a client of ours.  We have attended barbecues for clients to support their success.  We have hosted son cones in the parking lot to say thank you.  We care about the things that matter to you and want to help you make sure you can do those things.

Having access to your numbers is just one part of caring, helping you to understand them is the other.  Phyllis and her team are always willing to take an extra minute to explain something, clarify the thinking behind a decision or help walk you through a path to the better financial footing in your business.  They will help you make tough decisions based on data and just not gut feelings.

At the end of the day, we do our best to care about your business as much as you do.