Deitz Consulting Core Value #1 – Integrity

Over the course of the next five, yes five, weeks, we will be giving you a little insight into the Deitz Consulting ethos. We will be sharing five of the core values that make drive us every day. We will pull back the curtain and let you know what is important to us and how we work with customers, handle their books, and consult their business.

***The values are given in the order we wrote them down on a pad of paper during a business meeting. They are not ranked in any other way***

Core Value #1 – Integrity

At Deitz Consulting, we strive for integrity. Integrity is primarily defined as:

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

Thank you Google Dictionary

This is true of what our team expects of themselves. From the top of the org chart to the bottom, we expect our team to act with integrity (and respect) for all people and their companies. We also believe in having integrity when it comes to talking to you about the state of things inside your business. We will tell you the truth, sometimes you will call it a hard truth, but it fosters the right relationship we want to have with our clients.

We are going to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about what is happening in your books and your business. Then we are also going to work alongside you to develop a plan to continually move forward.

Why do we function this way?

Because the secondary definition of integrity is:

The state of being whole and undivided

Thanks again Google Dictionary

As we have stated before, at Deitz Consulting we want every small business we work with to know that we value their business the same way we value our own.

We don’t sugarcoat things and only tell you what you want to hear because that is not the whole, undivided truth about your business. We have to question our own integrity if we leave out the challenges that are current and those that lie ahead.

Some Deitz Consulting Logic

If we cannot have the hard conversations and act with integrity, then we should not be in the bookkeeping or consulting business. Over the past 15 years, we have learned how to have the difficult conversation by caring first. When we operate with integrity alongside heart, we can and will help you achieve your companies goals.