The time has come!

The long-awaited tax deadline for individuals and LLCs is finally upon us. While this can be a very stressful time for those not prepared, if you have been following our roadmap to a stress-free tax season then you probably aren’t worried. Even better, if you are a customer of Deitz Consulting then it probably isn’t on your mind at all.

While March was the deadline for partnerships, S-corporations, and LLCs that are taxed as partnerships; April represents the deadline for individuals, LLCs, and C-corporations. While April 15 is the date that everybody has come to know as the tax deadline, this year everybody filing in April actually gets 3 extra days as the deadline falls on April 18.

No need to wait!

This doesn’t mean that you should use that extra time and put off filing! Don’t wait until the 18! Don’t wait until the 15. I wouldn’t even recommend waiting until April 10. If you have been following our guide to a stress-free tax season then you have everything in place already to file, get it done early and relax! If you are using a bookkeeper or accountant, make sure that they aren’t waiting until the last minute either!

Of course, things happen and there are circumstances under which you may need some extra time. If this is the case, you are allowed to file for an extension. Should you choose to take this path you will have until October to get your taxes filed giving you ample extra time. While this may seem convenient now, you will still have your tax return haunting you until you get it done. Better to take this off your to-do list as early as possible!

Let us help!

If you have been trying to manage this on your own and are finding it overwhelming, or just want a more experienced set of eyes on everything before you send it off; please reach out to an accountant, bookkeeper, or another qualified professional. Deitz Consulting would love to be that trusted advisor for you to help make sure you aren’t overpaying or setting yourself up for an audit.

Tax season is finally coming to an end for everybody not needing an extension and we can all focus on growing our business rather than worrying about getting returns filed. For many business owners, this is a process that is dreaded every year and causes untold stress and anxiety, and for those business owners, Deitz Consulting is here to help! Reach out today to set up a quick meeting to discuss how we can make your life less stressful and allow you to focus on growing your business rather than keeping its books in order!