The end is near!

Tax day is right around the corner, and if you have been following our roadmap to a stress-free tax season, then no doubt you have this well under control! With only a little over a month until all taxes are due, today, we will focus on deadlines in March to make sure that you continue to stay on track for a successful tax season.

Many tax accountants will send us a checklist in January of every step you need to take to be prepared for every deadline throughout tax season. We thought that was such a great idea that we decided to create this roadmap for EVERYBODY whether they were a customer yet or not.

March deadlines

While April 15 gets all the attention as tax day, March 15 is also a critical deadline for many business owners. On March 15, all S-Corp and partnership tax returns are due. For many business owners, this is THE tax day! Now, of course, if you have been following our roadmap so far, then you are sitting pretty, and getting everything in by this deadline is going to be a breeze! If you are just now finding our roadmap, check out our January and February installments to get caught up!

Another common problem that business owners will encounter in March is reports from customers and contractors of missing W2’s and 1099’s. There are a variety of reasons that this can happen, but regardless of the reason, it needs to be dealt with right away since these deadlines were in January! If you are a Deitz customer, then there is no need to worry; we will work with those missing forms and get addresses updated and reprint whatever they need to be mailed out immediately.

Voice of reason

Some companies struggle during this season to communicate with their CPA. Whether it is a simple misunderstanding, not getting enough in the way of explanation, or having different approaches to this stressful time, if you aren’t on the same page with your CPA, it can make for a challenging tax season. Deitz Consulting is uniquely positioned to act as a CPA liaison and help you make sure that you and your CPA work effectively as a team towards the same goal. Being fluent in business and financial jargon, your friends at Deitz can be the voice of reason should things get tense!

The end is near, and soon you can stop worrying about getting your tax returns filed until this time next year! Hopefully, you are staying on track, and the next six weeks will be stress-free for you; if not, you can always reach out to Deitz Consulting for some guidance!