The Deitz Process

When it comes to outsourcing any part of your business the entire proposition can be quite daunting! Simply making the decision to outsource a critical part of running your business is a big step for most business owners. The next intimidating obstacle is the actual process of migrating select services over to your new trusted advisor. Today we look at the process of becoming a Deitz Consulting customer to put your mind at ease!

The journey begins

At Deitz Consulting most of our new clients come to us as a referral. We truly appreciate the trust that our customers show us when they refer their colleagues to us! It is very important to all of us that we earn that trust by giving the company they referred the same amazing experience that drove them to become a customer and an advocate in the first place.

Those that don’t come through referrals come from a variety of sources, including our website. From the website, anybody interested in learning more can fill out a brief form to schedule a 15-minute account review. This quick call will give us the information needed to determine if we are able to help you, and what help would be most beneficial to you and your company.

A tailored fit

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to bookkeeping, so we don’t try to force every company into a single offering. Armed with the information we got during the 15-minute consultation we will start to zero in on the type of package that best suits the needs of your company. With packages ranging from the outsourcing of the most basic of bookkeeping functions all the way up to full-service bookkeeping; we will find a solution that meets your needs without frivolous services that aren’t relevant to your company.

Finding the right fit is the difference between an affordable solution that saves you time and money in the long run, and an expensive solution that leaves you paying for irrelevant services and eventually becomes a burden. In the end, we want to identify what led you to want to outsource in the first place, and what we can do to address those needs.


Unlike some similar companies, Deitz Consulting has the power of a full team of professional bookkeepers to make sure that your needs are always met. Individuals, however qualified they may be, can’t always be available or be an expert on all things. With a full team of accounting acrobats available, Deitz Consulting will always have somebody available to help with an intimate knowledge of your account and your business.

Let’s talk about QuickBooks

While many companies use QuickBooks, it is amazing how few of them actually have a grasp on the details within their own QuickBooks instance. A common next step during our onboarding process is to be added to QuickBooks as an accountant so that we can take a deep dive into your current bookkeeping environment. By looking through expenses, payroll, income, and all other details in QuickBooks we can begin to develop an idea of what needs to be done moving forward so we can build a roadmap to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

If you don’t have QuickBooks already, don’t worry! We are happy to help you set up a new QuickBooks instance and migrate all of your information into it. By starting from ground zero we can easily make sure that a strong foundation is built.

Once we have taken the time to evaluate your current QuickBooks environment, or fully understand what it will take to create a new one for you; a quote will be generated based on the scope of the upcoming project. Once this quote is accepted, the real work begins (for us)!


The next step of the process is the one that many companies find very intimidating, onboarding. Many people have been through long drawn-out onboarding processes in the past where it seems like they are doing more of the work than the new partner that is supposed to be making their life easier. That isn’t the case with Deitz Consulting!

Literally, the most difficult part of our onboarding process is getting us a copy of your bank statements, if you can call that difficult. We are flexible with how you provide them with some customers choosing to print or email PDFs of their current statements, and others giving us read-only access to their online banking portal. Whichever route you decide to take, we are here to help as we have been through this process many times!

Once we have a copy of recent bank statements, literally the rest of the work is done by our team. Your job is to sit back and relax.

Our work begins

Now comes the time for our team to do what they do best! We begin by creating an accurate chart of your current accounts. During this process, we will look at asset accounts, liability accounts, income, cost of goods, expenses, and equity accounts. The totality of these accounts will create a crystal-clear picture of the financial health of your company.

By making sure this chart of accounts is accurate and up to date we will know that your profit margins, expenses, and income are all accurate and allow you to make business decisions with confidence. Getting all of this information up to date not only gives you peace of mind but will also be a major step in making sure your tax season is simple and stress-free!

At this point, you are fully onboard with Deitz Consulting! With access to your QuickBooks and bank statements, and an up-to-date chart of accounts; we are ready to take the reins. Based on the package selected earlier in the process our team can either augment your current bookkeeping efforts or completely take over while you focus on other elements of your business.

Sound too good to be true? Reach out today with any questions that you have about the process, and we will happily answer them! Even better, set up your initial 15-minute discussion, and let us start to dive into your specific needs to create a roadmap to a stress-free financial future for you and your company.