Partners in Mutual Success

One of the ways to make your business more referable, and who doesn’t love getting referred, is to work well with others. If you have successfully taken the time to figure out who you best serve, then a reasonable next step is to figure out who can help you grow the most via word of mouth – free, trusted advertising.

For us at Deitz Consulting, the obvious answer is our clients. They can tell their small business peers about the quality of work and attention to detail that our team offers and the business grows.

But an additional avenue for some businesses to gain referrals is by learning how sister entities like the product handed over to them. For us, that means understanding how our network of CPA’s like the data for tax season or for financial advising. It means that if you do graphic work, you know how the printer wants the files configured and set up. And then you always give them the data the way that they want it.

This sets up a referral network that is outside of just your clients. The next time a client talks to their CPA, your name comes to mind because they know you deliver the information in a format they want to work with. You cut down on their work load. By ultimately serving themselves, they are helping you.

Pay attention to the people and businesses that you pass your work off to. Learn what they like and don’t like and integrate it into your SOP processes. It will take some getting used to, but it will pay off in the end.