COVID-19 and the Bookkeeper

We are living in new and challenging times.  Most people would agree with that.  We are in a time of change that can be scary and exciting at the same time.  Many of us with our businesses are in a place where change has happened through choice or by necessity.  We have had to find ways to offer our goods and services through new ways.  We have all become accustomed to video meetings and offering services in a way that limits contact (whether this is good is a debate for another time).

As a bookkeeping and business consulting service, Deitz Consulting has been in a unique position during these times.  We have worked to help many of our clients to make the necessary changes in their businesses to be successful.  We have helped them, dare I say it, pivot.  But bigger than helping a business change how they offer their product or services, our bookkeeping aspect has been the primary way to work with banks and lenders to get the funds needed during these times.  

In addition to that, keeping a good relationship with your bookkeeper moving forward is vital as they will be documenting where your money has been spent.  They will help you when tax season arrives and you have to demonstrate what money went towards weathering the COVID storm.  Having detailed records of these expenditures will be vital to minimizing your tax burden as we all work to recover.

Marcus Lemonis, constantly tells the businesses that he works with that money is made or lost in the details.  This is true when it comes to general operations and even more true as you and your business work to come out on the other side of this pandemic.  It will be vitally important for you and your small business to work with a detail-oriented professional team to make sure you are ready.

Phyllis and her team at Deitz Consulting are ready to help in any way possible.