Get it together!

January is out of the way and your new year is well underway! As we discussed last month, your 1099’s and W2’s have all now been delivered and you are now ready to continue moving towards filing your taxes and having that burden off of your shoulders. The next step is to dive deep into reconciliations and get everything organized and in order!

For companies trying to have a stress-free tax season, February will be a month of organization. If you are a Deitz consulting customer then it will just be another stress-free month while we take care of everything for you. Whether you are a sole-proprietor, single-member LLC, or in a partnership, Deitz Consulting knows the best path forward for you and can make your tax-season stress-free!


Step one for your February should be to make sure you have all accounts reconciled and organized. You want to make sure that those reconciliations match the amounts in your account and that everything is completely accounted for and there are no surprises. If you have been doing this monthly as we recommend, or you are a Deitz Consulting customer, this should be a breeze and you will have nothing to worry about.

If you haven’t been staying on top of this, now is the time to get everything together in order to make sure the information you present to the IRS is correct. We dive deep into your checking, savings, credit cards and loans in order to get everything organized and ready for tax season so that you can relax!


Categorizing all of your expenses in QuickBooks is important! Making sure everything is in the right category could be the difference between a stress-free tax season and leaving money on the table; or even worse, an audit! As discussed in the previous content, these categories are important and can greatly impact the overall accuracy of your books and your potential for a return.

Deitz Consulting customers know that we have this taken care of for them. We know their business and we meticulously track their expenses and earnings to make sure everything ends up in the right category. We regularly review all of this information and if we see any irregularities, or just aren’t sure about something, then we reach out to the customer to verify.

Drop and click!

Now that everything is organized and categorized, you are ready to put that information to use! If you use QuickBooks, or similar, you can easily export all of this information. Once you have that file you can drag and drop it into TurboTax (or similar), email it to your CPA, or pass along to your friends at Deitz Consulting to get to work on!

Don’t let tax season age you 10 years from stress! Take it month by month and focus on what is important each month to set you up for a successful filing. Of course, it certainly helps if you have been staying on top of your books all year, or having your friends at Dietz Consulting do that for you.

Email 6 : Your February roadmap to a successful tax season!