Our Actions Define Our Words

I am sure that you have heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”. If you are like me, you heard it all the time growing up. You heard it when you started working and in discussions about how to treat others.

It might be a small semantic difference, but actions do not speak louder than words, they define them. In any area of business what we tell a customer or client is defined by our follow-up and follow-through.

If we tell a customer, we will take care of that ASAP, but the task takes 3 weeks. We have defined ASAP. We have stated that their value to us is a 3 week turnaround on a quick task.

If we tell a customer that they are valuable to us, and it takes us a week to return a phone call, we have, once again, defined the term valuable. If a valuable customer gets a callback after a week, how quickly do non-valuable customers get called back.

By the same thinking, when we tell a client they are valuable to us, and we follow-up regularly and do just a little bit extra (overdeliver) then the definition of valuable shifts.

As we all start and look to grow our business, it is the sincerest hope of Deitz Consulting that we always remember that our actions will always define us…let us all strive to make sure the definition fits.