Our Work With Fidelis

Fidelis Creative Agency helped Deitz Consulting build this website you are scrolling through right now. Fidelis likes to place the first blog post on the websites we build (in most cases/when appropriate). This let's us give 'three cheers' to the clients we work with — and it's a way to publicly highlight why they are so easy to work with.

This project helped to transform the Deitz Consulting Team's visual presentation from the older look to something that more accurately communicates their emphasis on customer service and expertise clients discover in their professional services firm. We know that small businesses have to stay scrappy to develop and refine their core service offerings. We know small business owners more often work 'in' their business, than 'on' their business. There just isn't enough time to do it all! We know and we agreed — it was time for a change.


Phyllis and her staff needed a new look — graphic design/web design — to more accurately reflect the value they deliver to their clients. We chose a bold, thick weight sans serif font for the word "Deitz" to emphasize the solid nature of bookkeeping work — it certainly isn't light, playful, or flimsy. But that bulk needed to look modern as she deals in the world of software and understands current business needs. The round badge also speaks to her credibility and certifications, and I doubt we need to explain those dollar slash marks through the 'D.' Navy and gold pair well and say something about solid investments that perform to create wealth.

The Fidelis team has known Phyllis for several years and we've used her consulting/bookkeeping service in the last two years. We wouldn't be where we are today without her team, their attention to detail, and their excellent communication. They do so much more for Fidelis than reconcile books and keep payroll running without glitches. They provide perspective and offer their helpful opinions when they believe they have an insight to offer. We've benefitted greatly from their attentiveness and attention to very detailed work. They return emails and phone calls. Her team delivers on their promises and we are grateful for this talented staff she has assembled. We've recommended Deitz Consulting to other friends and clients. These are quality people and they do quality work. Fidelis is thankful we found them. Good luck, Deitz Consulting!